March 14th 2008, 11 am.

The next stop is the nearest to the station. I leave the boat and walk a few minutes to the station.

In front of the clerks, I get my place in the waiting line. At this point I have to state that Thai people are very well behaving. There is more than 30 people in front of 4 counters. No pushing at all, everyone keeps respectful distance. I don’t go into details what this scenery would like in a German station, nor speaking of the conversations.

When it’s my turn, I get a real surprise. All of a sudden there is sleeper cabins available. I immediately book my berth, for 800 Baht, which is around 16 Euros at this time. The seat I booked yesterday was worth 600 Baht. I upgraded, incidentally, but for a reasonable price.

My bargain encourages me to go for more. Despite all the stories of stolen luggage, I go for the counter in the corner. For 70 Baht I give my backpack to the luggage keeping office. It’s not more than a separated part in the station, and the boss is sitting on his chair in front of it. But it looks like it’s official.